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Garbage Disposals Technical & Safety Tips

Always run water in the sink when you operate the unit. After you have finished grinding food through the disposal, allow the water to run for several seconds after turning off the disposal. This allows any food in the drain pipe system to clear.
  • If the unit jams/hums:
    1. Turn the unit off. After turning off, remove anything that has fallen into the grinding chamber. If you are unable to remove whatever is caught in the grinding chamber go to step 2.
    2. Turn the unit off After turning off, insert the “un-jam” tool into the bottom and turn clockwise. Once the tool turns freely, remove whatever was causing the jam from inside the grinding chamber.
  • If the unit is dead, and you have unjammed the grinding chamber, push in the red reset button located on the bottom of the disposal – if the unit begins to hum and the reset trips again, it is still jammed or has jammed again, see 1 and 2 above and then push the red reset.
  • If a glass has broken in your sink and shards of glass have gotten into your disposal, make sure the disposal is turned off and there is no standing water in the disposal. Then use the skinny attachment for your vacuum cleaner and vacuum out as much of the glass as is possible (Use a shop vac if you have one). Then run water in the sink for a few seconds, and turn the disposal on. The small remaining fragments should be ground up into powder by the cutter blade of the disposal and washed down your drain.
  • If you have unjammed the grinding chamber and it turns freely but the disposal continues to hum when turned on, the motor is probably weak and the disposal needs to be replaced. Call our office to discuss your options.    410 682-3232

Tech Tip

NOISY! Garbage disposals can become noisy from the swivels on the cutter blade becoming stuck of frozen in place. You can loosen the swivels by dumping a tray of ice cubes into the grinding chamber, the same way you would grind food.

Tech Tip

ODORS! Ground orange peels will remove stale odors and put off a fresh scent. We also sell a disposal cleaning product sold by Maytag that foams and is designed to remove odors and also clean the external drain lines. If these tips do not solve the problem, call us at (410) 682-3232 to ask additional questions or for fast, dependable service!

Freezers / Chest & Upright

  • Follow all procedures outlined under refrigerator heading.
  • Do not pack the freezer.
  • If the unit is not self defrosting and the temperatures begin to rise, check the frost build up on the inside of the freezer. If it is heavily frosted, manually defrost the freezer by turning it off at the thermostat, unplug from wall and allow 12 hours for the unit to defrost, with both doors open.
  • If the unit is not an automatic self defrosting model, defrost the unit once a year or as often as needed. Follow proper defrosting methods (do not use a knife, pick, hammer, chisel, screwdriver, etc. Or any sharp object).
Top If these suggested tips do not solve the problem, call Landers Appliance at (410) 682-3232 for fast, dependable service.

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