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Dishwasher Repair Services

Are you dealing with dirty dishes after every single cycle? We have the expertise and experience to fix that dishwasher for you! Dishwashers provide an incredible convenience for homeowners — cleaning your dishes all while you sit back and relax. That being said, a dishwasher that is working inefficiently or improperly is obviously anything but efficient nor convenient. That’s precisely where Landers Appliance can help. Our repair professionals are happy to help assist with repairing your dishwasher so it works optimally for you. Our expert technicians can effectively and proficiently fix whatever the issue may be.

Common Dishwasher Issues We’ll Repair

  • Foggy or cloudy dishware: If your dishes are coming out of a cycle incredibly foggy and cloudy, that might be a clear sign that something is wrong with your dishwasher. Cloudiness can signal that there is a user error — like poor rinsing habits prior to loading, stale dish detergent, not using Jet Dry or the wrong type of detergent — or something more serious.
  • Dishes are not adequately cleaned after a cycle: When dishes aren’t properly clean at the end of each dishwashing cycle, you could be dealing with a dishwasher problem. In fact, you might be dealing with blocked spray armholes or a worn pump assembly. When dishes are not getting completely cleaned at the end of a dishwashing cycle, homeowners might be looking at a clogged sump or hose.
  • A humming dishwasher: Does your dishwasher make a humming sound and then turn off? If so, you might have a problem with the motor. In these instances, the problem could be the result of a seized or jammed motor or control board that’ll need to be replaced. Our professionals can determine what issue you are facing and recommend the best approach to repair the issue.

What Homeowners Should Look Out For

Most complaints homeowners have with their dishwashers typically have to do with either detergent or water-related issues. Homeowners should make sure that the detergent is fresh and the dishwasher is always filled with clean, hot water. Another important thing that homeowners should take note of is having the water actually turned fully on to ensure their dishwasher works effectively and efficiently.

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