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Ice Maker Repair Services

When it comes to ice makers, there are two different styles, clear ice and mold ice. One is a free-standing ice maker which typically makes ice by allowing water to be poured over a cold plate and then, once frozen, is slid onto a cutter grid producing square cubes — providing restaurant-quality ice that is clear. The other styles of ice makers available are mounted internally. These are the types that are usually found in the freezer section of home refrigerators. Internal ice makers are those where the water is usually filtered and poured into a half-moon shaped mold, which, when frozen, is pushed out into a holding bin. Ideally, homeowners will take the time to properly care for their ice makers — regardless of what style they have. Experiencing ice maker trouble? Give Landers Appliance a call and our experienced professionals can come out and repair your ice maker and get things back to normal in your home.

Ice Maker Maintenance Tips

One of the best things you can do to ensure your internal mold type ice maker works properly is to regularly replace the filter — typically every six months but at least once a year. In fact, replacing the ice maker’s filter is the optimal way to increase the quality of the ice maker itself. If the ice maker isn’t properly maintained, it might need to be replaced. And an ice maker can only be replaced as an assembly — which can be quite costly. Restaurant quality ice makers require regular cleaning using a specific cleaning solution.

Ice Maker Components

There are essentially two major components of an ice maker: an ice maker and a fill-valve. The ice maker is the basic structure that actually produces and creates the ice you use. However, the fill-valve is what puts the water into the ice maker itself. Beyond the ice maker and the fill-valve, there are some additional key components that make up an internal ice maker.

  • Control module and motor: The control module is an electric part that ultimately controls the actual motor and is the main control for various other ice maker mechanical components.
  • Thermostat and mold heater: Both of these ice maker components are used to control the ice maker’s cooling mechanism to make ice. When the thermostat turns off, the motor is then mechanized which subsequently activates the mold heater and harvesting arm.
  • Ice mold: This key component is basically just a metal ice tray that is thinly coated with Teflon or a similar coating. Water is frozen into ice cubes that are then released and subsequently dumped into a storage container in the freezer. If the coating is damaged, ice can actually get stuck in the mold and fail to release.

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