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Frigidaire logoDependable Home Appliances for Budget-Conscious Consumers

Are you looking for essential home appliances that won’t break your budget? If you’re replacing an old appliance or furnishing your home with new appliances, you can count on Frigidaire to provide numerous options that provide the reliable service and accessible price points you desire with premium finishes and feels. At Landers Appliance, we can recommend the best Fridigaire appliances for your needs. These appliances from the Electrolux Group are designed to suit most homes and last for years while providing classic style and dependable performance. 

Frigidaire Appliances for Your Home

Whether you are looking for new appliances for your kitchen or a washer and dryer for your laundry room, you can find a range of suitable options from Frigidaire. You can trust Landers Appliance for sales and service of the following appliances: 

Frigidaire Range Model Numbers

Are you in need of a new Frigidaire range? The following models are available from Landers Appliance: 

  • FCRG3052AS Range
  • FFGF3054TS Range
  • GCRE3060AF Range
  • GCRG3060AF Range
  • FFGW2426US Wall Oven

Frigidaire Appliance Repair in Baltimore, MD

Frigidaire has a very long-standing history of bringing some of the top appliances to the marketplace. Whether it’s developing the very first electric self-contained refrigerator back in 1918 or being the very first on the actual market to finally offer coordinated colors for your home’s appliances, Frigidaire has always been a leader and innovator in the world of home appliances. As a result, many homeowners have continuously been drawn to the ever-inviting and evolving technology of Frigidaire. These days, Frigidaire is the first home appliance brand many people think of when it comes to outfitting their kitchens or laundry rooms. However, that doesn’t mean a Frigidaire appliance lasts forever. The reality is, even a Frigidaire appliance can end up breaking down. But this is precisely where Landers Appliance can step in and be the hero.

The Landers Appliance Experience with Frigidaire

Frigidaire as a brand has been around for many years. In fact, older people (80’s plus), when calling Landers Appliance for service, would often refer to their refrigerator as their Frigidaire. As best as I can determine in talking to customers and doing research, the reason for this improper naming stems from the time when Frigidaire was owned by General Motors. At the time the Frigidaire brand had a larger market share and experienced a sales surge from being associated with GM. This was also the post war time (1940’s through early 1950’s) when people were moving away from having a true ICE BOX (a box that housed a large block of ice that would keep food from spoiling until the ice melted) and transitioning to the electro-mechanical refrigerator in use today. There were no international competitors in the US appliance industry and Frigidaire was one of only a few companies offering a house hold refrigerator for sale.

Since I have been in the service business for over thirty five years, I have watched the Frigidaire brand change ownership several times. GM sold the Frigidaire brand to White Consolidated before my time. White Consolidated then sold to the current owner Electrolux in 1986. Electrolux was founded as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer and grew into the world’s largest producer of household appliances (Whirlpool is the world’s largest in the major appliance category). The Frigidaire name was used by Electrolux as the only brand sold in their American division until the Frigidaire brand was positioned as their mid grade, every day product and Electrolux was positioned as their slightly higher end brand.

Frigidaire offers a large number of appliances with multiple choices and price points. Interestingly, one glaring exception is that Frigidaire and Electrolux do not currently sell a top load washer with or without an agitator. They only sell the front load washer. The brand has never been a top seller in the US and historically ranked third behind Whirlpool and General Electric in sales volume. If you were to ask our Landers Appliance service technicians about Frigidaire products, they would say that while not cheaply made, Frigidaire appliances in general do not carry the same life expectancy of other brands due to what they see as design issues. One distinct advantage though, is that Frigidaire replacement parts are usually less expensive than either GE or Whirlpool appliance parts and their initial cost at the register tends to be less than other brands. Parts are also readily available through a wide distribution network and most companies, Landers Appliance included, services the full line of Frigidaire appliances.

If you have a service related question or would like a current perspective on a Frigidaire (or any other brand) appliance, please contact me, Dean Landers at 410 682-3232 ext 101 or

For more information about Fridgidaire, visit their website.

* If you love to read about Americana Industrial history check out Dr. Lee Maxwell’s book called “Save Womens Lives – History of Washing Machines”. Dr Maxwell actually has a museum full of old washing machines in Eaton, Co You are also welcome to come to Landers Appliance showroom (7032 Golden Ring Rd. Baltimore, MD) and look through the books as we have signed copies sitting on top of our two antique wringer washers.

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You can find detailed information about recalls on any of the major household appliances sold and distributed in the United States on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website:

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