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Home Appliance Repair Services

From washing machine breakdowns and refrigerator repairs to freezer conundrums and dishwasher disasters, home appliances require homeowners to take routine care of them so they can last longer. When homeowners avoid taking the time to read the user guides associated with every home appliance they own, they can end up finding themselves needing regular repairs and harming the lifespan on their home appliances.

Refrigerator And Freezer Repair Hacks

Sometimes, there are little things that you can do yourself before contacting a professional to try and fix a home appliance. For example, if you own a fridge or freezer with a built-in water dispenser or ice maker, you should change the water filter every six months to enhance the lifespan of the unit. Unsure of where exactly the water filter is located or how to replace it? Take a peek at the user guide which will have all the important information you’ll need to give your home appliances the proper care and maintenance they need to run effectively.

Dishwasher Maintenance

It’s not just the fridge and freezer that need to be properly maintained in the kitchen. The dishwasher is another key kitchen appliance that will require some attention once in a while. For example, homeowners looking to extend the life of their dishwasher should do a deep clean once every six months.

Simply using a couple of tablespoons of Tang Citrus drink or anything with citric acid will help clean the interior of soap buildup. There are also specific cleaners under the Affresh brand name made for dishwashers and disposals to provide a deep cleaning to the interior cabinet and plumbing. Our parts department stocks these items so call and we can send you a few packets.

Although some DIY maintenance methods can help reduce the number of repairs needed on a dishwasher, they may not eliminate them altogether. If you sense the issue is more complicated and needs the expertise of a professional, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Landers Appliance.

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