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Maytag Washing Machine Repair Service

No matter how well-made your Maytag washing machine is, at some point it may require a fix. Older models will tend to need repairs more frequently than newer versions, but no matter how old or new your Maytag washing machine is, experiencing issues with this relied-upon appliance can disrupt homeowners’ lives significantly. Landers Appliance can help diagnose any issue you may be experiencing with your Maytag washing machine. Whether the problem is big or small, it’s best to contact a professional, like the reliable, experienced, and friendly technicians at Landers Appliance.

Washing Machine Dilemmas

Fixing the washing machine is a top priority for homeowners whenever they see that it no longer works properly. Getting assistance and solving the issue with a Maytag washing machine at the first sight of a problem can reduce the severity of the problem and help households continue to run smoothly as quickly as possible.

  • The washer no longer spins: There are a wide array of things that can ultimately prevent the washer from spinning properly. In fact, homeowners will most likely need to open the cabinet to properly troubleshoot the issue. However, that could require the assistance of a professional which is why when it comes to this issue, contacting a professional technician can be the best solution to help things running smoothly swiftly.
  • Washer that leaks water: Beyond the unwanted mess that a leaking washing machine makes, the issue doesn’t always mean an expensive repair bill. In fact, many times the solution is quite simple and easy. If your washing machine leaks only during the spin cycle, the cause could be the drain hose. As a result, you can check the different connections on the hose to simply ensure they are all secure. If they are, it could also be beneficial to check the condition of the drain hose itself. It should be free of cracks and damage. If neither of these simple fixes solve the problem, contacting a professional like those at Landers Appliance is often the best route to take to ensure your Maytag washing machine is repaired smoothly and swiftly to get your home back up and running normally.

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