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Are Your Owings Mills Appliances Ready for Game Day?

Owings Mills, Maryland is located in Baltimore County and is fortunate to be accessible via the Baltimore Metro Subway. The Owings Mills community is also served by public transportation via MTA. Residents enjoy the Irvine Nature Center which features many outdoor activities including classes for Owings Mill residents and others. More than 30,000 Owings Mills residents populate the community. The area has been listed among the “100 Best Places to Live and Launch”. Many notable employers operate in Owings Mills. Maryland is full of historic sites and Owing Mills is no exception to the rich area history.  The Meadows, an 18th century historic home and farm is on the National Register of Historic Places. Of local note is the Baltimore Ravens headquarters facility in Owings Mills. -Needless to say, the excitement around game days is widespread. You are going to need a working kitchen! Don’t guess about appliance repair. Make an appointment with Landers Appliance.

Appliance Repair Now Gives you Choices Later

Try though we may, ignoring the sounds your appliance is making will not stop the inevitable. Why wait? You have heard the one about “A stitch in time saving nine?” Landers Appliance Repair technicians have heard that one, too! Only it is more like “A compressor in time saves all the food in the freezer.” Or, “A hose in time save the floor on your new hardwood floor.” No, we are not kidding!

Landers Appliance Makes Appliance Repair Calls Easy

The odds are against your having an appliance we have not seen. We have been in business for more than 35 years. I guess you could say we have seasoned knowledge of ‘vintage’ appliances. Parts wear out. If the appliance is too far gone for repair, have no fear. We sell new appliances, too.

Shiny and New is a Whole New Appliance You

To some people, appliances are merely tools that keep your home running. There is not much more thought about them than that. To others, appliances are a cause for exhilaration. We get it. A change in family size one way or another. Someone has new cooking skills and gets misty over the new high-glam, semi-pro appliances. You are down to a family of two your lifestyle is completely changed. Your home has become the homework and snack afterschool location and suddenly the refrigerator looks like it belongs in a dollhouse. That set of triplets requires a bigger, more efficient and much quieter washer because, well, there is already enough house sound. Change requires change. Landers Appliances are with you all the way.

Landers Appliance Expert Sales Team Saves you Steps

We mean that literally. You can shop online before making a decision. You can browse, daydream, or educate yourself to features on new models. New appliances are energy efficient and have many smart features for busy households.

You can reach us through our website or by phone, 410-682-3232.


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