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General Electric Appliance Repair


For over 32 years, Landers Appliance has been repairing General Electric appliances like the GE & GE Profile Series, GE Cafe and Monogram Series (both gas and electric) and many more. Our family owned company is made up of local, long term employees who know the history of GE appliances and their parts – especially ones more apt to need appliance repair.

Our trucks are stocked with genuine GE parts and more often than not, we are able to complete the appliance repair without any delay! We also offer a 90 day, money back guarantee, unlike the 30 day limited guarantee from GE’s own factory repair.

Call 410-682-3232 today and the friendly voice on the line will quote the diagnostic fee and schedule your appointment. They will also call you when the technician is on his way to your home the day of your appliance repair.

If you have a previously scheduled doctor visit at the Johns Hopkins Healthcare System, we’ll work with you by planning a morning or afternoon appointment window. Or, if you need to run errands and can’t meet us at home, you can schedule a “call to meet.” If you need to meet us at PetSmart while you pick up dog food – we’ll meet you there to discuss your GE appliance repair needs.

Once our Master Certified Appliance Repair Technicians diagnose the appliance problem, you will be quoted a flat, fixed fee from the National Service Price Guide.

We have no special allegiance to protect any sales interest. We pride ourselves in being honest and efficient – we’ve even won awards for it! Angie’s List gives Landers an A-1 rating, and awarded their Super Service Award 9 times. Baltimore magazine has voted Landers Appliance “Baltimore’s Best Appliance Repair Company” 10 times!

Why stress, call the best – 410-682-3232! We would consider it a privilege to have you join our customer family for General Electric appliance repair. Click “about us” to learn more about Landers Appliance, our owner, and testimonies from satisfied customers.

For more information about GE visit GE’s website

GE History

GE appliances or at least the General Electric company itself has been around for over 130 years! Believe it or not Thomas Edison began the Edison General Electric Company way back in 1890 bringing the incandescent electric lamp, among other things to market! Interestingly, GE also invented the first fluorescent lamp as well! From its founding GE has always been an innovating company, striving to bring a wide assortment of products to market including plastics, aircraft engines, medical equipment, and industrial products. If you asked most people on the street to list what GE is known for they would say GE makes appliances, although it makes up only a very small part of the overall annual revenue of the parent General Electric Company.

GE Appliances introduced the first food waste disposal in 1935 but one of GE Appliances biggest inventions to help boost the home appliance industry was the introduction of home owner financing in order for people to purchase home appliances during the Great Depression. This single move helped make GE Appliance a common household name as more and more people purchased appliances carrying the GE logo. Over the last number of years GE Appliances has come up with a few innovative products, one being the Harmony series of washers and dryers which has a communication port allowing the washer to communicate electronically with the dryer about the load conditions after the washer had finished the wash cycle to be able to customize the dryer cycle selection. Their GE Profile “Oven with Trivection” cooking technology combines convection, thermal (standard) and microwave energies for speed baking and is advertised to cook five times as fast as conventional ovens!

GE Appliances for as long as I can remember have offered three tiers of appliances to satisfy any customer. You can buy the cheap builder grade/tenant quality appliances, the regular, everyday mid grade appliances for the average customer or the high end for selective tastes and the discretionary income of the upper classes. For many years GE appliances owned the builder market. If you were buying a new home in a development you could bet you were going to get GE appliances throughout the house. although GE no longer has a strangle hold on the builder market they have done a pretty good job of retaining overall market share.

As a service company owner I have two major concerns with the GE Appliance brand. First, some of their inexpensive products are built for economy and have a very short life expectancy (and I must say in fairness to GE all the other brands seem to be doing the same thing). A big difference is that when a random part is needed for these and all of the GE appliance products, especially electrical or electronic parts, they are so expensive to purchase that it drives up the repair price, making it exorbitant and therefore financially prudent to replace the appliance long before what should be its normal life expectancy.

To their credit GE is still a US based company and a fair percentage of the GE appliances are still made in the US. Please call or e-mail me, Dean Landers if you have any questions or want to discuss anything related to GE appliances. 410 682-3232 ext 101 or e-mail.

We are here to help! You can also call 800 633-5154 or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment.


For questions about our Money Back Guarantee or to schedule a service appointment, call us TODAY at (410) 682-3232 or toll-free at (877) 633-5154!
E-mail the Service Department for more info about Our Money Back Guarantee! 

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Recall Information
You can find detailed information about recalls on any of the major household appliances sold and distributed in the United States on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website: http://www.cpsc.g

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