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How Do Dryer Sheets Work?

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Dryer sheets can help or hurt your load. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Everyone prefers softer, fresh-smelling clothing to stiff clothes with a neutral odor. Fabric softener and its alternatives can work for the washing machine, but you could reserve the softening and scenting for the drying process instead. Dryer sheets are the go-to product for softening and refreshing clothing in the dryer, but how do dryer sheets work? Read on to learn more.

How Do Dryer Sheets Work?

Dryer sheets are thin sheets of fibrous polyester or another cellulose fiber coated with scents and liquid fabric softeners. When the dryer heats the coating, the dryer sheet releases the chemicals throughout the laundry load. In addition to softening and scenting your clothing, it also helps to remove static, especially in the winter.

When NOT to Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets coat your laundry with softeners and scents. There are instances when you do not want dryer sheet chemicals to coat your laundry load. These cases are the following:

Athletic Wear

Athletic wear and its accessories usually have a composition that make them waterproof, absorbent, or able to wick moisture away from the body. The weave and fabric work together to allow the body’s perspiration to evaporate effectively. Coating the workout clothing with chemicals could damper its effectiveness.


Towels work when they can absorb moisture. Whether you need to wipe your hands or your dishes dry, they should be able to function at their best. The chemicals from dryer sheets can inhibit towels’ performance also.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Flame-resistant clothing might have a coating of its own to allow it to wick away and extinguish flames. You do not want anything to get in the way of its ability to resist fire, so it is best to stick with water and detergent alone when washing.

How to Use Dryer Sheets

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how many dryer sheets to use at once and how. Generally, you place one dryer sheet into the dryer barrel on top of your load before starting the drying cycle. 

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Dryer sheets can leave a residue on your dryer barrel. It is best to wipe down and deep clean your dryer routinely. It also helps to wipe down your lint filter.

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