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Improper installation of a refrigerator drain tube repair kit

Frost free refrigerators go into a defrost cycle periodically. When they do, heaters come on and melt the frost that has formed on the evaporator coil inside the freezer. The frost turns into water and drips down into a pan under the evaporator that funnels the water through a small white pipe to the outside bottom of the refrigerator where a hose is attached and directs the water into a small collection pan. The water eventually evaporates due to the heat generated from the compressor and condenser, which are located near the collection pan. The picture we’ve attached is of a Kitchen Aid refrigerator. Someone tried to replace the lower drain hose with a new repair kit and misaligned the hose so that it was not positioned to catch the water dripping out of the white pipe sticking through the floor of the refrigerator. 
Even seemingly simple repairs require skill and accuracy. If you ever find yourself deep into something and decide you need help, give up a call. We’ll take care of it quickly, properly, and professionally!  We guarantee it!!!!        

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