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Legendary Appliance Repair Service for Nottingham

Nottingham, Maryland spans an area of Baltimore County. It shares a name with a city in England, a name made familiar through the historical legend of Robin Hood. A population of about 38,000 residents enjoys Nottingham’s proximity to Baltimore and the Baltimore-Washington corridor. In a twenty-minute drive, residents can enjoy all that a city like Baltimore has to offer with a quick return to quaint and lovely Nottingham. Residents enjoy top rated Nottingham schools. Landers Appliance has provided appliance repair services in Nottingham, Maryland for more than 35 years. Sometimes, for generations. And, that is not folklore!

Certified Technician for Appliance Repair in Nottingham

Would you like to be sure that your appliance repair technicians are trained to an industry standard? With Landers Appliance repair that is exactly what you get. Did you know that Landers Appliance is the only Certified Service Center in Maryland providing appliance repair to Nottingham?

Landers Appliance has Served Nottingham Customers for Nearly 40 Years!

It is true. Our tenure in the Nottingham area means that we have seen our customers through the stages of their appliances and lives. We are there for appliance repair and complete new appliance replacement due to renovations.

Have you spoken to a Landers Appliance Sales professional? With the range of features that new models and various lines offer, consulting someone who knows the brands and lines will make short work of developing a short list. If you are replacing an existing model, especially a built-in, you will want to be sure that it will fit. It is also important to know if an upgrade requires changes in preparation like a water-line for a refrigerator. Contact a sales expert to answer your new appliance questions.

Parts and Service at Your Fingertips

We know that you want access to parts and service requests at your fingertips so we make it easy. Fill out the forms and we will be in touch fast!

Shop Until your Mouse Drops

You no longer have to do all your appliance shopping at the end of a busy day. Initially, you can browse on-line at your leisure. We make it easy by making our products and sales available on our site.

Decades of service mean that we can recommend a compatible replacement to any current appliance you have. We are an exclusive dealer of several very familiar brand. Come to us for Whirlpool and Maytag appliances. The Maytag brand includes familiar names like Kitchen Aid and Amana. Perhaps some of these names are new to you. Talk to us about your needs and we can make a replacement suggestion. If you want to upgrade, call us with your wish list.

Wonder Why We Have So Many Happy Customers?

We stick to our mission and values towards our customers and the way we do business. This is what our customers have to say about us. We view informed customers as partners in maintaining the condition of your appliances. That is why we offer tips that you can follow.

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