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Top Appliance Repair Services in Rodgers Forge, Maryland
Rodgers Forge is a quiet residential area in Towson, Maryland and on the city line of Baltimore.

Rodgers Forge is a quiet residential area in Towson, Maryland and on the city line of Baltimore. It is a popular place to live for families, college students, and anyone looking to stay close to the excitement of the city in a nice suburban community. Rodgers Forge is also a very historic part of the area, with many homes and apartments dating back to the 1920s. Famously, F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, resided in the area during their time in Maryland. 


With historical buildings and homes, comes all of the age and strain on appliances. If your appliances haven’t been updated in awhile, then they are probably in need of some repairs or possible replacement. If you are noticing your appliances not working as well as they should be, it might be time for an appliance repair expert to take a look and survey the possible issues. Even worse, if you are in the midst of an appliance emergency, it is paramount to have an appliance repair team at the ready to help you quickly and efficiently! Landers Appliance is the go-to team of appliance repair experts in the Rodgers Forge community. 


When Is It Time For Appliance Repair?

Have you noticed that your appliances are working slower? Are they making weird sounds? Maybe they even smell weird? Or, even worse, they may not be working at all! You definitely will know when it is time for an appliance repair in your Rodgers Forge home. You may not want to admit it, or you may want to hold off the repair for later… but you shouldn’t. Appliance problems that go unfixed will only get worse and you take the risk of an issue growing bigger. When it comes to appliances, a small problem could turn into a catastrophe before you know it. A small leak from the dishwasher could turn into a flood. Or your appliance could stop working altogether and be too far gone for a simple appliance repair. Instead of being forced to invest in a full appliance replacement, invest in an appliance repair with Landers Appliance as soon as a problem arises!


Dryer 101

Dryers can be a fickle appliance to work with, especially when problems arise. First things first, make sure your external venting material is compliant with your Use and Care owners manual requirements. If you have the improper venting, have it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any potential fire hazard from lint build up. 

Always replace vinyl and foil venting with rigid or metal flex venting. If you are unsure, give our team a call or email! We will help you determine if you are compliant or not. Many “Use and Care” manuals show pictures of the acceptable and unacceptable types of venting for your chosen dryer.

So what are some other ways you can help your dryer when it isn’t working at tip top shape?

    • Follow the proper loading procedure and machine operation.
    • Never overload the dryer.
    • Make sure your clean the dryer lint filter after every load.
    • If the clothes are not getting dry:
    • Make sure the dryer has not pushed back against the rear exhaust duct causing an air flow restriction.
    • Make sure the clothes are coming out of the washer spun damp dry – if the washer is not spinning the clothes damp dry, the dryer will not dry the clothes in a normal amount of time.

Give Landers Appliance a Call or Make an Appointment for the Best Appliance Repair Services in Rodgers Forge, Maryland! 

Give us a call at (410) 682-3232 or learn more about how we can help online. Your appliances are in good hands when you trust our team of technicians to handle your appliance repairs!


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