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Annapolis Maryland Appliance Repairs for Your Home

Appliance Repair Annapolis

For the best appliance repair service in Annapolis and the surrounding area, contact Landers Appliance today!

Annapolis, the state capital of Maryland, is situated on the Chesapeake Bay.  Dating back to the 1600s, this town is teeming with history drawing residents and tourists alike. Waves of settlers came to the area contributing to what the town would become and is today. Historically, many settlers came for the harbor. Now Annapolis draws residents just for proximity to the harbor and the value that such a location brings to a home. What is consistent from the 1660s to now is that residents who settle in Annapolis, fall in love with the landscape, history, and natural elements of the place.

Water Sounds Belong in the Bay not Coming from Appliances!

If you live in the Annapolis area, you may love the sounds of water. We agree. But there are water sounds that should not be coming from your appliances. Drips, sputters, and splashing sounds outside of the normal appliance function is a warning sign. If you have begun to hear, what might be called the sounds of the sea, from your appliance call Landers for appliance repair. We have served customers in the Annapolis area for decades.

Extraordinary Technicians Tend to Your Appliance Repair

We are committed to providing customers with superior service. Landers Appliance is part of the Consortium of Certified Service Centers, a national designation. In short, it means that we work to a high quality, recognized standard in our industry. The benefit of training, retaining, and employing Master Certified Technicians goes to our customers. Our many long-term customers return through changes of appliances, changes in homes, and changes in family structure.

We Keep Your Home Appliances Working so You Can Work at Your Life.

Your home’s equipment needs to work without you thinking about it. We think about your appliance repair so that you don’t have to. There are many appliances in your home to consider and maintain which is why we repair so many types and so many brands. Call us about your refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, oven, washer, dryer, and freezer. Our website lists the types of appliances we repair and the many brands we serve and sell.

Landers Appliances can repair or sell you the Semi-Pro appliances you Dream about.

Why dream about semi-pro kitchen appliances when you could be cooking like a pro! If you have suddenly taken up cooking, for real, you may discover that your appliances need to work differently for you. We see this often. Life impacts appliance needs. There is just a moment when the equipment you have is not the equipment you need for home to work for you. Talk to one of our sales experts. Browse our website.

Nostalgic about Grandma’s Kitchen Appliances? We can help, 410-682-3232.

While it is true that appliances are now cutting edge, smart, and eco-friendly like most everything else, some people want a familiar emblem on an oven when treating family to Grandma’s recipes. Landers Appliances really understands. We are nostalgic, too! That is why we have spent more than 35 years becoming part of the Annapolis community. We carry brands with a name that will be familiar to you. And, to Grandma!

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