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Appliance Repair for Homes in Westminster, Maryland

Appliance Repair Westminster

Landers Appliance is the premier appliance repair service in the Westminster area. Contact us today!

In 1754, William Winchester purchased 167 acres of land called White’s Level. It was originally named Winchester, after its founder, and later changed to the place we now know and love as Westminster, Maryland.

Westminster is a haven for interesting history, from the farm that Whittaker Chambers hid the “pumpkin papers” to the birthplace of Sargent Shriver. Since 1868, Westminster has hosted the annual Memorial Day parade, which holds the record for longest continuously running Memorial Day parade in the country!

Westminster lies in the humid subtropical climate zone, which means the climate can vary greatly from sticky, humid summers to frigid, snowy winters. To keep your household running smoothly, no matter the weather, it’s important to keep your appliances in tip-top condition with Landers Appliance!

Repairing Vs Replacing

Whether you need us to repair a vintage appliance that you’re particularly attached to, or you’re ready for an update, Landers Appliance can help solve the issue! If you’re not sure whether you’d rather repair or replace, we can help you make the best decision. After working with appliances for over 35 years, we know the tell-tale signs of an appliance’s lifespan. After considering the physical and mechanical condition, as well as cost, we can determine the value of both options.

No Matter the Age or Brand, Landers Appliance Can Help

If you’re worried that your appliance may be an obscure brand or too old, don’t stress about it! We have the experience to work with any appliance brand, from mainstream to boutique. Our experts have been professionally trained and prepared to work on any appliance, regardless of age and brand.

Why Are We The Best?

Landers Appliance is the ONLY certified service center for appliance repairs in all of Maryland. We have been serving the Westminster community, and other Maryland homes, with expertise from the very best Master Certified Technicians. It’s vital to us that you trust in Landers Appliance as a company of appliance wisdom and guidance.

Call Landers Appliance Today!

Don’t wait for your appliances to get worse, call Landers Appliance today at the first sign of trouble! Our Westminster phone number is 410-876-9425 or 410-848-5158!

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