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Owings Mills Residents Deserve ONLY the Best Washing Machine Repair Services

Owings Mills MD Washing Machine Repair Services Landers Appliance

Owings Mills, MD residents deserve ONLY the best washing machine repair services

Owings Mills, MD residents deserve ONLY the best washing machine repair services. Owings Mills has a lot of local conveniences. For example, residents frequent the Metro Centre or Foundry Row to enjoy various dining experiences or shop at Wegmans. However, nothing is more convenient than having a beautiful and fully functioning home. When this isn’t the case, you can depend on Landers Appliance to repair or replace any major household cleaning appliances, including your washing machine. Landers Appliance is the best appliance repair company in Baltimore County, and of course, we will explain why. 

Old-Fashioned And Family-Oriented Customer Service for Owings Mills Residents

Our Master-Certified technicians know what they’re doing, and that’s undeniable. They spent half a day testing on multiple aspects of the appliance repair industry, and that’s why they’re experts in repairing all major household appliances. However, skill is not enough to build genuine connections with customers. Customers look forward to speaking with friendly professionals who will go above and beyond to ensure a customer’s satisfaction. That’s what defines old-fashioned customer service. One-third of our team has been working here for ten years or more. We are a family here at Landers Appliance. We also treat our customers like family. Our family-oriented culture and approach to customer service are many reasons that many of our clients return.

We Serve as the Only Certified Service Center in Maryland

Any company being certified means that this company is more credible than others. However, with Landers Appliances being the ONLY certified service center in Maryland, that speaks volumes. If you attempt to search for another accredited service center in Maryland that’s been around for almost four decades, it would be impossible. There aren’t any, meaning that this is one of many ways that Landers Appliance stands out from cookie-cutter companies. 

Take It From Our Customers!

It’s not enough that we speak highly of what we have to offer. We have testimonials on the website, but over 400 reviews on Google highlight what customers love about our services. Some customers have called us “professional,” honest,” and “timely.” One customer also talked about their experience with our sales department, stating that the salesperson “took the time to find the right fit for [their] home and budget.” With that in mind, you can rely on Landers Appliance to repair or replace your washing machine, but you won’t have to go to a chain store to find your next high-quality appliance. 

Tips for Cleaning Your Washing Machine

A common misconception is that the washing machine doesn’t require cleaning because it’s the mechanism that cleans clothes. However, all of the dirt has to go somewhere, meaning that grime can accumulate in a washing machine over time. Without regular cleaning, a washing machine may harbor leftover detergent, hard water deposits, or mildew around the lid. 

Fortunately, you can find cleaners designated to sanitize your washer at your local Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, or most retail corporations that you like to shop. You can also order washing machine cleaner from Amazon or use a homemade white vinegar-water solution. 

Call Landers Appliance Today!

We repair and service many appliance brands, types, and styles. If you are ready to replace or purchase appliances, we have experts to assist you in choosing exactly the right make and model for you. Through our website, you can begin your shopping and sales inquiry. We provide you with a focused match for your appliance wish list. We always strive to live up to our founding principles, valuing “Honest, Reasonable & Reliable” service. Customer satisfaction is a must, and we strengthen this value with our Money Back Guarantee! For more information about our appliance services, please contact our skilled technicians at 410-682-3232!

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