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Rosedale Kitchens Have Had Styles from Fire to Icemaker

Kitchens Rosedale

If you’re having problems with your kitchen appliances in Rosedale or the surrounding area, give Landers Appliance a call right away!

The community of Rosedale has some history that is a mystery, like when the community was first established. We know that long ago it was a plantation that became a farm. We also know that it is home to Philadelphia Road. A road traveled by George Washington for his inauguration. That was 1789.  The first school was a two-room, wooden building. By 1950, the building was used as a town hall and a firehouse. Most of the dwellings in the area were built between 1854 and 1979. That is an enormous range in housing eras, from larders and fireplace kitchens to the Jetsons jokes about microwaves. It is a good thing that Landers Appliance has been around for more than 35 years serving customers all over Maryland. We have seen the range of housing and all the appliances they hold. The good, the bad, and undeservedly “vintage”. If you need an appliance repair call us at Landers Appliance. If your appliance needs to move on and out, speak to one of our sales experts. We do indeed sell refrigerators with icemakers.

If Your Rosedale Refrigerator is Running You Need Appliance Repair Now!

We agree that historic and vintage homes have lots of charm. But when appliances are louder than your dinner party it is time to call in the expert technicians to get an appliance repair. Loud appliances are not charming appliances. Quiet trumps charm every time. More than the plain inconvenience, missing the function of an appliance in your home affects your schedule and plans. Potential damage from failing appliances can become very expensive. It is a smart investment to get a Landers Appliance Master Technicians to your house asap. Our Master Technicians are trained and certified. We work with traditional, familiar, and high-end brands.

We Don’t Have to Talk About Appliance Repair, We Sell New Appliances!

Has your style of cooking, entertaining, or gathering changed? We have a selection of new appliances with the feature and characteristics you need most now and moving forward. If you have recently renovated your kitchen, full or partial, the appliances are going to seem old and out of place very quickly. Talking to someone who really knows how to translate your appliance wish list into an appliance shopping list will get your results much faster.

Time for an Appliance Makeover? Call us, 410-682-3232

Everyone loves a makeover. So will your kitchen, laundry room, and wet bar. There is no reason for these areas to be functional without style. New lines of appliances are glamorous enough for open concept kitchens, serious upgrades, or even pocket makeovers. Smart appliances are energy efficient and have features that make them interactive.  Many homeowners seek semi-pro models to assuage their cooking passion or accommodate large growing families. We sell semi-pro appliances, too.


We carry brands familiar and aspirational. Our website gives you a lot of detail about how we serve, who we serve, and what we sell.

Rosedale residents have been calling  Landers Appliance for appliance repair and sales for more than 35 years.


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