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We Are Your Neighbors at Landers Appliance Repair Severna Park

Appliance Repair Severna Park

If you’re having problems with your kitchen appliances in Severna Park or the surrounding area, give Landers Appliance a call right away!

Severna Park, Maryland is a great place to live. Located 17 miles south of Baltimore, Severna Park, Maryland has highly-rated schools offering residents many amenities. In our decades of service, we have learned the neighborhoods, eras, and styles of homes. This is very important and valuable knowledge when servicing appliances for repair or considering appliance replacement. Appliances have to work for your home and family, and they have to fit in the right spaces!

Quality of Appliance Repair Counts Completely

Our technicians take the quality of appliance repair in Severna Park very seriously! Because we have been in business for more than 35 years, we believe we know someone you know. Working diligently to serve customers throughout the region means we are honored by many referrals from our customers. Intergenerational referrals are the greatest compliment of all. They mean you trust us with your family. We take our place in the community very seriously and work on your appliance repair as if you were our family.

Your Emergency is our Appliance Repair Emergency

We know that appliances are the key to the streamlined operation of your home. Sometimes the first time we meet is when you have an appliance repair emergency in your Severna Park home. Have no fear. We know how service all appliances. And we want to be of service to you, your family, and your appliances throughout their lifecycle. We repair top brands, familiar brands and semi-pro brands of appliances.

Oh, For a New Appliance

Sometimes we make an appliance repair call and our customer reports that another appliance is at the end of a lifecycle because it has begun to sound like a high school steel drum band. But not in a good way. Oh, the dryer drum. We know the sound! We are happy to report that in addition to appliance repair Landers Appliance sell brand new appliances. Our expert sales staff is standing by to talk to you about brands, features, and space requirements. Whether you are looking to replace a classic brand or want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a high-end, or semi-pro model our expert sales team can assist you in your selection.

Shop online

We know that there are many considerations for purchasing new appliances. We make your pre-shopping easy and accessible in the comfort of your home. See our website to review the brands and features of the many types of appliances we carry. Our website also features specials that you will not want to miss.

Certified Technicians

We train and retain master technicians. That means that there will be an expert in your home when you call for repair. If there is a sound, smell, or rhythm coming from any appliance in your home, you may make your life easier by calling it to the attention of the tech who is on site. Pre-emptive parts replacement may save you thousands of dollars in regrettable repairs due to a failing appliance.

Have you talked to your appliances lately? We can help, 410-682-3232.


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