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Whirlpool Dryer Repair


For the past 50 years or so Whirlpool dryers have maintained the same basic design. Whirlpool has always produced a reliable dryer in both their gas and electric product but the current design (if you can call something that has remained relatively unchanged for 50 years current) offers large capacities, efficient operation, numerous options, including an accu-dry sensor and a hamper door as well as being a very service friendly product. All of our technicians at Landers Appliance love the Whirlpool dryer for its reliability, ease of service and readily available parts. Our customers love Whirlpool dryers because replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and most times interchangeable model to model and sometimes even across brands!

The simple design of the Whirlpool dryer has set an example for others in the appliance manufacturing industry. The majority of repairs are able to be done from the front by removing the top and front panel without having to pull the dryer out. The drum sits on two rear support rollers that are mounted on very sturdy steel shafts, that seldom fail. The three primary moving parts, besides the motor consist of the two drum rollers, the drive belt and the idler tension pulley. Whirlpool sells these parts individually as well as in a combined kit at a discounted price. Since these parts work in unison with one another and are situated in close proximity it is a sound, reasonably priced, long term repair when all three are replaced at the same time. The motor, which is the other moving part has proven to be very dependable, providing a very long life to the Whirlpool dryer.

Whirlpool dryers, along with all the major brands of dryer have been retrofit with numerous electronic controls over the last few years to accommodate offering more features as well as to control manufacturing costs. At Landers Appliance our service experience with most electronic controls has shown that the traditional electro-mechanic controls were easier to diagnose then their electronic counterpart as well as being less sensitive to failure from spikes in electric power supply, and general handling. Having said that, everyone at Landers Appliance, technicians and sales staff included still believes that the Whirlpool dryer is one of the best built, most dependable dryers on the market today.

For a history of Whirlpool, go to Whirlpool’s website.

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