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Why Is My Ice Maker Not Working?

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Did your ice maker completely stop working? Read this!

The weather is hot, and you want to cool down with a cool, icy beverage. Alternatively, you might be in the middle of making a beautiful dish that requires putting a cooked ingredient in an ice bath for the perfect result. Lo and behold, you discover your ice maker is not working. What a travesty! “Why is my ice maker not working?” you ask. Check through all of these points before calling Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD.

Is the Power On?

The first question is to ask whether or not the power is on for the ice maker and for your home. Is the machine paused or off? Is it plugged in? Does your home have power, or did the circuit breaker go off? It doesn’t hurt to check.

Is the Temperature Right?

If your ice maker is completely not making any ice, check that the temperature is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Better yet, check your ice maker manufacturer’s instructions on the recommended temperature.

Is the Arm Down?

Some ice makers have an arm lever. If the arm is raised, the machine will not make any ice. Make sure it is in the proper position. Check the setup instructions to ensure everything is in the right position.

Is the Ice Dispenser Clear?

Aside from setup issues, there could be a blockage of some kind. One is the ice dispenser. It isn’t uncommon for the ice dispenser to get icy. Check that there is no ice blocking the dispenser; have it melt and you’ll have ice again.

Is the Water Filter Clean?

Ice makers have a water filter that catches all sorts of pollutants. If the water filter is dirty, it could cause the ice maker to stop working. Ideally, you should replace the water filter every six months. Replace it if it is old and check for clogs.

Is the Water Valve Clear?

Another part that could suffer from clogging is the water valve, the point at which water from the water line can enter the ice maker. Without a clear water valve, you can’t have water to make ice. Make sure this is clear of blockages as well.

Is the Water Line Working?

Lastly, check that your water line is working properly. Make sure it is free of blockages and has the correct water pressure. If there is a water line problem, call a local plumber.

Resolving your ice maker problem is easier than you think! If something is not working quite right still, contact Landers Appliance!

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