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Amazing “almost waterless” Clothes Washing System!

Check out this amazing new washing process! It is unlike anything you have ever seen or would even imagine. Think Jetson’s! Bring on the Xeros! Using this washer means you don’t have to sort colors !!! You’ll save lots of money on detergents and chemicals with estimates of 40-60% less additives required per load! You’ll save even more money on water consumption. Did you know that 38% of our individual water use footprint comes from washing our clothes! Claims are flying around stating a 30% – 65% total savings over conventional laundry processes. The average cycle is about 25% longer than other front load laundry cleaning systems but drying time is significantly reduced so this process is actually a time saver from the entire traditional laundering processes The company claims these machines report a 40% reduction in a carbon footprint, which is a staggering number. Little nylon polymer beads are used to agitate, attract and transport away stain and soil from textile surfaces. The beads are expensive but can be reused between 100 – 500 times. The beads are also recyclable. Water is only used as a lubricant in the wash cycle and not as the primary cleaning ingredient. Water is used during rinse cycle only as a means of forcing all the beads back into their lower holding chamber at the conclusion of the entire process. The machine doesn’t have a traditional high speed spin cycle compared to other pieces of laundry equipment on the market! The main reason for the spin cycle is to free the beads from the garments and force them back into their holding tank. No or little drying time is required! The beads absorb the majority of water used. Beautiful!!! Xeros states that the payback from investing in one machine is just one year! Inventor Stephen Burkinshaw along with other researchers at Leeds University started experimenting with polymers in brightening and cleaning clothes. Xeros picked up on his foundational work and came up with this machine. Xeros is working on a deal to supply a large US dry cleaning chain with their commercial machine and a residential product is slated for 2014 release (don’t hold your breath – it may be 2016). Pricing for the home use products are going to be competitive with current high efficiency washers on the market today. The Hyatt Regency Hotel chain has begun using the Xeros machines at their Reston, VA location to clean guest and dining room linens.

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