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My Clothes Dryer Is Squeaking!

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Is your dryer making strange noises? It could be any of these issues.

A squeaking clothes dryer can understandably be a cause of concern! Do not worry! If you notice that your clothes dryer is squeaking, there is a solution! In many cases, it only takes replacing a worn-out part to make it right again. 

Possible Causes of a Squealing Clothes Dryer

An Uneven Dryer

If the dryer is not level, it can become warped and cease to function properly. Leveling the legs should solve the problem. If the clothes dryer is already level, you can move on to the other possibilities.

Drum Glides

The drum glides support the clothes dryer’s barrel at the front of the machine. They support the front end. If they wear out, the front of the drum might grind or rub against other metal parts rather than turn smoothly in place.

Drum Bearings

Drum bearings support clothes dryers at the back end. Like the drum glides, they will squeak or grind if they wear out and fail to support the barrel in motion.

Felt Seal

It is possible that the drum glides and drum bearings are in good shape, but the felt seal insulating them is not. A felt seal helps make the drum rotate even more smoothly but could make the dryer squeak if it wears out.

Drum Rollers

Drum rollers support the clothes dryer’s drum from the bottom, typically at the bottom diagonal positions. The squeaking might come from the drum support rollers if you notice the noise happens consistently during a cycle and with heavier loads.

Drive Belt

The drive belt is a flat rubber band that wraps around the drum and motor pulley. It connects the motor to the drum, causing it to rotate. This part applies to some dryers; others connect the drum to the motor directly. Once again, if it wears out, it can start squeaking. Thankfully, it is replaceable!

Motor Idler Pulley

The motor idler pulley can also go bad over time. A squealing motor pulley can also start making thumping or grinding noises. 


The bearings around a dryer’s motor can wear out, also causing an unusual noise. If you suspect the noise is coming from the motor or any other internal part, call Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD, to help you evaluate and replace the part or the appliance.

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