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Appliances and their electronic controls

Add in the raw material costs and their depletion, and manufacturing operating costs, I’m not convinced the energy savings outweighs the “real” cost. If you’ve read my blogs before you know this has been a personal rant of mine for many years.   I do admit (yes, I am willing to admit this) that the energy savings from advances in refrigeration design technology has been significant and probably the only example I can find where the end justifies the means. Here is what I mean: according to the EPA web site a 20 yr. old refrigerator costs approx. $200 a year in electricity. New refrigerators produced today cost around $65 a yr.   Significant! Laundry, cooking, and dishwashing has NOT improved nearly enough to offset my two objections listed above.
The issue we are now dealing with daily is the backlash from consumers that no longer want to deal with all the electronics! They want simple! However, simple is simply not available.     Who do you know that would not like to go back to the day when they could wash a load of laundry in 25 minutes or a load of dishes in 45 minutes? Maybe it’s me as one of my son’s in laws likes to tease me and I’ve crossed over to the “older” population position. I don’t think so because I speak to customers every day that express their disgust at having to deal with complicated electronics in order to cook a meal or are facing a costly repair bill due to high parts costs.  
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest (again). I feel better even though I know it is never going to be simple again. I’m looking forward to the day when one of my grandchildren comes to me because their new appliance is too complicated for them and they need my help in turning the unit on!!!!

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