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Clothes Still Damp After Drying?

Clothes Still Damp After Drying?

It’s a common problem; here’s why your clothes might still be wet after drying.

Have you noticed that your clothes are still wet after putting them through the dryer? You are not alone. It is a common problem, but you don’t have to call the appliance repairman right away. There are several potential causes for why your clothes are still damp after drying, which we will discuss below.

Clothes Are Too Wet

Is it really possible for your clothes to be too wet for the clothes dryer? Wet clothes need drying! Actually, they can be. If your laundry is sopping wet, puddles of water could destroy the dryer. Even if it isn’t dripping, it could be too soaked for the dryer to completely do its job on a regular cycle.

Lint Screen Is Dirty

Airflow is necessary for the clothes dryer to work both in the front and the back. The lint screen not only catches lint at the front of your dryer, but it also is an air passage. If the lint screen is too dirty, your clothes could end up still wet after drying. It is best to clean it after every cycle.

Dryer Vent Is Dirty

On the other side, the dryer vent could also be the culprit. When was the last time someone cleaned the dryer vent? You will need to disconnect the power and the tube connecting it to the vent and vacuum it out. Go to the outside end, remove the cover, and vacuum out on that side as well. Hot, wet air travels from the dryer to the outdoors.

Incorrect Settings

The problem could also be as simple as using an incorrect setting. For instance, bulky towels and sheets might do better with the bulky load setting. Also, make sure you are not overloading the dryer. To be extra sure that you are using the best setting, consult the manual.

Technical Issue

If it is none of these causes, then you may need to call an appliance technician. It could be an issue with the thermal fuse or door switch. If you are feeling handy, you can test it yourself. Otherwise, call Landers Appliance!

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