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Do Clothes Dryers Damage Clothing?

Do Clothes Dryers Damage Clothing?

Do clothes dryers really damage clothing? Find the answer to this controversy here.

Clothes dryers are one of those household appliances that almost everyone assumes comes with any residence. They have become a mainstream product that helps everyday people go about their lives with less time and energy than they otherwise would put in if they didn’t have one. However, there is controversy concerning this centuries-old invention. Do clothes dryers damage clothing? Let’s take a closer look.

Friction Causes Wear and Tear

Before answering the question concerning whether clothes dryers damage clothing or not, you can consider some general principles beforehand. What does cause wear and tear over time? Friction, the phenomenon of two objects resisting each other in contact, happens every day as you wear your clothing or come in contact with some other object. The everyday act of friction clothes experience causes them to wear out over time.

High Heat Causes Wear and Tear

A clothes dryer has the power to dry clothing and other fabrics at high heat. The high heat can damage clothing, especially in the form of shrinking your garments. One of the worst things that can happen is that your winter sweaters shrink a few sizes in the dryer. Perhaps even worse would be if your clothes burned. High heat can damage clothing fibers, elastic, and plastic parts.

Do Clothes Dryers Damage Clothing?

Two main facts are that clothes undergo wear and tear in daily life and that high heat is the most damaging to fibers, plastic, and elastic. It turns out that your clothes dryer might not contribute much to the wear and tear of your clothing, especially if you are not very physically active and if you use the right clothes dryer settings. 

How Your Clothes Dryer Can Assist You in Daily Life

A clothes dryer will wear out your fabrics over time, but on the whole, it is a helpful appliance for exactly its name: drying your clothes. It does it much faster than air-drying does, especially if you are drying bedding, jackets, towels, or pants. As long as you use an appropriate method, the clothes dryer can be your friend.

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