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DO NOT self clean your oven!!!

You simply don’t have enough time!!! You are going to expect your oven to perform miraculously for you, producing volumes of freshly baked goodies. This is a good thing!!! However self cleaning your oven puts an undo stress on the bake and broil elements and very often is the cause for a phone call to us as your favorite appliance service company with a desperate plea to save Thanksgiving. While we are often times able to pull a rabbit out of thin air, because parts are simply not available fast enough to get your oven back in working order. SO … our advice is to forgo cleaning the oven until after you have finished all  holiday cooking.  If you have been a bit sloppy in the past ignoring the buildup of gunk and feel embarrassed, wipe out the inside using soap and water, using a non-abrasive rag. Avoid getting water on the heating elements. This simple, quick cleaning should get your oven in decent enough shape that you wont be embarrassed when relatives see you open the oven door and try to position your body so they can’t see the nasty interior!    
If you do decide to self clean the oven and disregard this advice, please test the oven at 350 degrees by baking a cake today! That way if anything breaks you will at least have two days to call us, allowing for a chance that we can pull off a miracle! 

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