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Electrolux Appliance Repair

Electrolux Appliances is owned by the Swedish company AB Electrolux, an international leader in the household appliance business, best known for its vacuum cleaners. AB Electrolux was founded in 1908 by a Swedish businessman whose claim to fame, among other things was selling a light weight vacuum cleaner door to door (Click on this text for a fun story about the founders early life and the early life of AB Electrolux). The Electrolux name was relatively unknown in the US twenty some years ago, until they purchased Frigidaire (who had previously been owned by, among others, General Motors) and gained a foothold in the US market. Electrolux appliances continued to sell under the Frigidaire name until they had cross marketed their products enough so that people knew who they were and had come to hold the Electrolux name synonymous with Frigidaire.

Most of the Electrolux appliance designs have been stream lined and lightweight for energy efficiency in the European tradition. Some market adjustments have been made over the years to accommodate the demands of the US consumer, including larger capacity products, with a great amount of features and options.

My recent observation of the Electrolux appliance product mix has me suspicious about their sustainability. They have reduced their various product offerings down to a select few models. There are only four side by side refrigerators to choose from. They are not making a top load washer, only selling the front loaders, and they only have four standard dishwashers listed on their web site. Also they have cut back on their product support to the service industry, with extremely limited repair training being made available due to budget restraints. It looks to me like they are in trouble as a company. I watched Maytag go through the same chain of events for the two or three years preceding their eventual purchase by Whirlpool. If it smells like a fish, looks like a fish and acts like a fish, it’s probably a fish.

I’m not worried about the brand going away over the long haul because history has shown me that is highly unlikely. Electrolux appliances would likely become the target of another company for a possible takeover, with Haier or Samsung among the list of likely suitors. Parts have been and would continue to be available through their current distribution sources.

Time will tell if my prediction is accurate or not. If you would like to comment or have a question please contact Dean Landers 410 682-3232 ext 101 or [email protected].

For more information about Electrolux, visit the manufacturer’s website.

* If you love to read about Americana Industrial history check out Dr. Lee Maxwell’s book called “Save Womens Lives – History of Washing Machines”. Dr Maxwell actually has a museum full of old washing machines in Eaton, Co You are also welcome to come to Landers Appliance showroom (7032 Golden Ring Rd. Baltimore, MD) and look through the books as we have signed copies sitting on top of our two antique wringer washers.


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