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Front Load Washer Detergent Use Warning!

We have found a repeated service condition occurring in front load washers when using the sheeted 3 in 1 laundry detergent products. All in one laundry detergent products are becoming quite popular today because they are easy to use, prevent messy spills and are premeasured insuring you use the proper amount of detergent for every load. What is not to love about all that? Having your detergent, fabric softener and anti-static additives (included in a single sheet as is the case with the Purex brand) or detergent, stain release, and all-color bleach (as is the case with Tide Pods FOR MORE INFORMATION SEE ) in a single dose self contained package makes life simple.
However, the single sheet types, when used in front load washing machines have been slipping between the inner wash tub and outer tub and clogging the lint catcher sump or making their way to the pump assm. In either case it prevents the washer from draining properly usually resulting in a service call to our repair company. I checked the Purex web site and found a warning posted under the “Frequently Asked Questions – Can You Use Purex Complete 3-in-1 in HE Washing Machines?” The warning says “Due to the design of some front-loading models, it is possible for small articles such as socks or laundry sheets to pass through the gap between the drum and seal into the internal workings of the washer. If your front-loading washer has a visible gap, we recommend using a small mesh bag to contain the laundry sheet, just as you would for other small items. Always refer to your washing machine owner’s manual for proper operating procedures.”
If you are hooked on using this product as many of our customers are, please take the advice of the product manufacturer and place the sheet in a small mesh bag to prevent having to have a costly service call to remedy the situation. In fact it may be wise to use a small mesh bag for all your tiny washables such as crew socks, underwear, gloves, etc. as these have also been known to get between the tubs and create a drain problem.
If you are currently experiencing a slow or no drain problem with your front load washing machine call our office and schedule a service call at 410 682-3232 or go to If you are handy and think you can tackle the problem yourself ask for our service manager Jim and he can give you some pointers on how to do access the clean out sump.

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