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Gas flames and humidifiers

Gas appliances should always cause us concern whenever there is a change in their operations. If you see a change in the flame color of any appliance it is smart to search out the cause. Asphyxiation or carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern for any living thing in your house. If you notice such a change in your gas flame color check to see if there is a humidifier running anywhere in the house. Whenever you are running a humidifier in your house it will cause a change in the color of your gas flames, regardless of how far away the humidifier sits in relation to the gas appliance. The closer the humidifier is to the flame source the more pronounced and immediate the change in coloration. Turing off the humidifier does not immediately change the color as the moisture the humidifier is putting in the air is still present for sometime after the unit is shut down. The link below has a story and some pictures attached.
There are other examples on YouTube to demonstrate the problem. Please call our office 410 682-3232 and speak to our service manager Jim ext 105  if you have a particular question about your own gas appliance. We are here to help!

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