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Halloween Costume Cleaning Tips

It’s all about the candy!!! If your kids are like mine were and now how my grand kids are they are not concerned with keeping their Halloween costumes cleaned. Trying to monitor the type of goodies they are receiving, their caloric intake, and their general safety is about all one can hope to accomplish as a parent. The costume is going to get dirty (especially if you are dealing with boys)! I found a very helpful article by Michelle Savin, who is an eco-stylist from California. She is an expert on organic and eco-friendly family living, the founder of organic bedding line Until Kara and can be followed at Organic Conscious Mom. The article appeared in a blog from the Retail observer magazine a publication of the appliance sales industry.
For stains you can go to our web site page Tips or follow the directions given in the article
The entire article can be found at

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