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How to Clean a Gas Stovetop

How to Clean a Gas Stovetop

Cleaning a gas-powered stovetop is easy!

Many say that gas stoves are superior to electric stoves, but the downside they have is their open flames. These flames stay within the confines of their grates (or they should,) but they let a lot of crumbs and spills get in. How do you clean a gas stovetop? Even though it might seem troublesome for debris to fall where the fire is, it is actually quite easy to clean a gas stovetop.

Steps to Clean a Gas Stovetop

Ready the Stovetop

First, make sure the stovetop is completely cool. Make sure the power is OFF. Safety is the top priority. If you just used it to make your breakfast or anything else, turn off the power and let it cool down first.

Remove the Grates and Caps

The best way to clean a gas stovetop thoroughly is to remove the grates and burner caps and wash them separately. That way, you can reach every nook and cranny of the stove’s burners. These grates and caps are easy to remove; they should come right off. If you aren’t sure, check the user manual for specific instructions.

Scrub the Grates and Caps in the Sink

Scrub the grates and burner caps in the kitchen sink with a non-abrasive scrubber. If they have excess grease on them, remove as much as possible with a rag or paper towel first. If your grates are caked with black, burned-on grease and food, use a commercial oven cleaner or baking soda paste. If these parts are in good condition otherwise, scrub them with water and dish detergent.

Remove the Crumbs and Gunk on the Stovetop

Next, clean off the large, loose crumbs and spills on the burners. All that will be left would be microscopic dirt and any tough stains. Feel free to use a cloth wetted with water or a multi-purpose cleaner. If there are no tough stains left anywhere, you can replace the burner caps and grates and keep on cooking.

Soak Tough Stains and Scrub

If there are hard-to-remove stains, leave a commercial oven cleaning chemical or baking soda paste on the applicable surfaces for at least half an hour before wiping it off. 

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