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How to Clean Cloudy Glasses

How to Clean Cloudy Glasses

Keep your crystals clear this holiday season with these tips!

As the holiday season rolls around, you might be bringing out the fine china to entertain your family and friends. Crystal glasses are often a part of the equation, and you might have noticed that they are not coming out clean in the dishwasher. If your crystal glasses have a stubborn, cloudy film, you are not alone. This cloudiness can come off with the right procedure. Here’s how to clean cloudy glasses and how to avoid them getting that way in the dishwasher.

How to Clean Cloudy Glasses

Soak Cloudy Glasses in White Vinegar

The first step is to collect your cloudy glasses together and submerge them completely in a deep basin filled with white vinegar. Allow the glassware to sit in the white vinegar for fifteen minutes. It should give enough time for the vinegar’s acidity to dissolve the cloudy film. 

Wash Glasses in Warm Water with Dish Soap

The next step is to wash your glasses by hand in warm tap water with dish soap. That way, the dishes will be free of white vinegar residue and free of its strong smell. This process will also allow you to scrub away the loosened cloudy film, giving you crystal clear glasses once again.

Dry Thoroughly

Finally, wipe your crystal glasses dry or leave them to dry in a safe area of your kitchen. Once they are completely dry, you should have clear glasses again. If some cloudiness or scratches persist, the cause may be etching, which is a permanent condition.

How to Avoid Dishwasher Film

Cloudiness on crystals can have multiple causes, such as hard water, hot water, and too much dishwashing detergent. Some ways to protect your glassware from future cloudiness or etching include the following:

  • Address hard water: There are ways to soften the tap water for your whole house. If limescale buildup is present in your dishwasher, run your dishwasher empty with a glass of white vinegar and lemon juice.
  • Change your dishwasher detergent: Sometimes, it might be that you are using too much detergent or your detergent is not fresh. Make sure to follow the detergent’s instructions to avoid using too much.
  • Wash the dishes with water below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Load the dishwasher properly: Remove excess waste and do not overcrowd the dishwasher.

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