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Ice Maker Design Change

We’ve been told by several appliance manufacturers that this old ice maker style is going to be replaced. All new refrigerators that are sold with an ice maker already installed is going to include this new flex tray design, which involves using a white plastic mold body that holds ten cubes and is mechanically twisted to release the cubes into the ice bucket. Flex tray designs similar to these were in use years ago and were actually replaced by the mold style. History IS repeating itself!
Please don’t misunderstand my objections. I am all for energy efficiency. However, I am also for using common sense and wisdom in these matters.  The flex tray designs are far less reliable, are going to require frequent repairs AND produce far less ice over any given period of time. And, at least initially, they are being sold at a higher price. I am not sure if they are actually cheaper to produce as none of the appliance makers have divulged that info. I am certain that the end users, you and me and all customers everywhere are not going to be happy with their performance and the costs to maintain them.  Ugh!  

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