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Is Your Range Heating Element Broken?

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Is your food not heating up enough? It could be an issue with the heating element.

If you had to live off of one cooking appliance for the rest of your life, it would probably be the range, the appliance with a cooktop and an oven. Without a basic way to cook and heat up food, you will be very limited in what you can prepare to eat. With ranges, you can do so much, like roasting, baking, and air frying, but what happens if they aren’t working? Is your range heating element broken?

What Is the Range’s Heating Element?

The range’s heating element is the metal rod or coil at the back, bottom, or top of your oven. It delivers heat into the oven. On the stovetop, you might find metal coils beneath each burner. You will see heating elements on electric ranges. 

Is Your Range’s Heating Element Broken?

Check for Dirt

The heating element might not be broken; it might just be filthy and in need of some elbow grease. Check your range’s heating elements when they are cool and the power is off. Are they caked with hard, black grime? It’s time to use some oven cleaner or baking soda paste to make them visible and workable again.

Check for Scratches

Do the heating elements have scratches or blisters on them? Surface damage could affect the elements’ performance. If you suspect that this damage is the culprit to your unsatisfactory results, it is worth replacing them.

Check the Color

You can know for sure if the heating element is working or not based on how it changes color when it is supposed to heat up. Normally, the heating element should become bright red or orange. If the element fails to become glowing hot, it is broken for sure.

Check Your Food Quality

Naturally, another sign that the heating element or another part of your range isn’t working is if your ingredients fail to heat up properly. You are probably familiar with how hot the stove or oven should get at certain settings; if the food is still cold, something is definitely wrong.

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Landers Appliance is happy to hear your range problems and find a solution based on years of experience in troubleshooting cooking appliances. If you do need a part replaced, you can source the necessary part and install it through us!

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