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LG Washing Machine Repair Service

LG washing machines are trusted by many homeowners. But when an LG washing machine breaks down or stops working properly, homeowners can end up reeling as a result. That doesn’t mean homeowners have to continue to suffer! You can always trust Landers Appliance to perform efficient and effective service and repair with speed and accuracy on your LG washing machine.

Washing Machine Issues

Homeowners can encounter a variety of issues with their washing machines over the years. These issues typically range from something small, like using too much detergent, to going out of balance in the spin cycle. While some of the problems associated with your LG washing machine can be solved with a quick and easy fix, bigger issues will require the assistance of a professional to diagnose and then subsequently repair the issue effectively. We all know that there really is never a good time for your washing machine to start acting up. However, being proactive and taking action at the very first sign of trouble can end up allowing you to get back to normal as swiftly as possible. Ultimately, whenever you work on electrical appliances — like your LG washing machine — safety must always be a top concern.

  • Washer simply won’t turn on: If you have an LG washer that doesn’t seem to be responding when you turn it on, it could be a simple and easy solution. Ultimately, there are a number of fixes that range from simple to complex. However, the best place to begin is with the power supply itself. The first thing homeowners should check is if the washing machine is receiving the necessary power for operation. Using a multimeter, homeowners can check the outlet voltage themselves to ensure their LG washing machine is getting the proper electricity necessary to function properly.
  • Improper draining: A common issue homeowners experience with their washing machine is a drainage issue. Typical drainage problems range from being as small as a clog in the drain to larger, more serious issues like needing to replace a pump entirely. As a result, deciphering which issue is small and which is large requires you to contact a professional who can expertly diagnose the issue you may be experiencing and then repair the dilemma effectively and efficiently, allowing you to get your household back on track. You can always call Landers Appliance to help.

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