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Maytag Appliance Repair


Dean Landers, owner of Landers Appliance, has many accomplishments under his belt including: “Top 40 Under 40” Business Owner in Baltimore, a national speaker in the appliance repair industry (specializing in customer service practices and business management), member of a Warranty Company board and member of several National Appliance Repair Association boards.

Here are a few other honors:

  • Landers Appliance received the “Super Service Award” from Angie’s List 9 times based on actual customer experiences.
  • Baltimore Magazine voted Landers Appliance “Baltimore’s Best Appliance Repair Company” 10 times.
  • The National Appliance Review declared Landers Appliance one of the top five appliance repair companies in the nation.

These accomplishments plus over 30 years in the industry have helped shaped Landers Appliance into the family owned company it is today. We are proud to use our experience and expertise in our Maytag Sales Showroom and as a “top of the line” MAYTAG appliance repair company.

The Master Certified Appliance Repair Technicians at Landers Appliance use MAYTAG factory parts and offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all appliance repairs. Landers Appliance does appliance repair on all models of Maytag, including Cooking, Dishwashers, Laundry, and Refrigerators, and handles appliance repair outside the MAYTAG limited parts warranty.

Call Landers Appliance at 410-682-3232 to schedule your MAYTAG appliance repair appointment as a morning or afternoon option or a “call to meet” appointment. You will be quoted the diagnostic fee and receive a call to let you know the technician is on his way. We look forward to working with you! 

Maytag History

The following is a brief Maytag History lesson brought to you by Dean Landers, owner of Landers Appliance.

Maytag Appliance’s initial claim to fame was their wringer washer* first built and sold in 1907, called the “Pastime.” Founder Fred Maytag was a farm equipment manufacturer and he saw the need for an easier method of cleaning clothes. He, along with a partner, came up with a very primitive (at least by today’s standards) wringer washer. Amazingly there were almost 2000 other wringer type washers on the market between 1910-1930 but the Maytag product won the war and believe it or not, endured all the way up until the mid 1980’s. Maytag was still producing and shipping these units overseas to areas with scarce water supplies. When I first started working on appliances in the mid 1970’s I used to carry a few commonly used parts for these wringers on my service truck! That’s how popular they were.

Sometime in the 1950’s Maytag came out with their first Dependable Care design washer. The two belt drive system using a low HP motor, low tension transmission, incredible outer tub water seal and bearing and a spring loaded, roller mounted motor plate made it the most energy efficient, long lasting machine on the market. Maytag washers held that position for over four decades!

Along the way, Maytag also introduced other types of appliances into their brand; including dryers, cooking products (we have a 1950’s era 40″ wide gas range with a deep well on our sales floor) , refrigerators and dishwashers. These other appliances never achieved the same level of success as the washer but they did round out the Maytag brand offerings. In Maytag’s attempt to solidify and improve on their other products over the years, they acquired Caloric, Norge, Magic Chef, Jenn Air, Amana, and others. They were able to take some of the best features of these other brands and use it to enhance their own products. Sometimes they even discarded their own designs in favor of the newly acquired brands design. With a little repackaging, the newly acquired brand’s appliance became the Maytag appliance. By the way, this is very common in most manufacturing industries.

The biggest impact from these acquisitions that I witnessed was seen in their refrigeration products. Amana had always produced a very solid refrigerator and as soon as Maytag took over, they absorbed the vast majority of the Amana design incorporating it into their own. The final result was that both brands ended up with a better product from a consumer and technician point of view.

Market pressure forced Maytag into trying to come up with less expensive manufacturing compromises, especially in their key product category, the washing machine. As you can read in the front load and top load washer pages, the changes that were incorporated and the products sold were inferior to their tried and true Dependable Care and Neptune designs. The end result was disaster. Stock prices plummeted and Maytag became vulnerable to a takeover. Luckily Maytag fended off some hostile foreign courters and cut a deal with Whirlpool. This paved the way for the two best brand names in the world to join forces. Since that take-over (which occurred around 2006) we have seen great progress in re-establishing the Maytag name as the leader in the laundry market. It also improved Whirlpool’s offerings across all their brands and models.

Looking for more information on Maytag? Visit the manufacturer’s website

* If you love to read about Americana Industrial history check out Dr. Lee Maxwell’s book called “Save Womens Lives – History of Washing Machines”. Dr. Maxwell actually has a museum full of old washing machines in Eaton, Co. You are also welcome to stop by our showroom (7032 Golden Ring Rd. Baltimore, MD) and look through the books as we have signed copies sitting on top of our two antique wringer washers.

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