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Prepare your appliances for possible electrical outages

Disconnect any of your appliances that have an electronic control (that includes any unit that has a digital clock, but not including your refrigerator or freezer) when not in use. You can flip off the breaker or unplug the unit.
If you have a gas range you can still light the top burners by using a match or lighter even though it is unplugged.
If your power does go out try not to open the refrigerator doors or open them as infrequently as possible. And when you do have to open the door, be as quick as possible. You can preserve temps inside for as long as 48 hours or more when the doors remain shut. Fill a cooler full of ice and place all of your heavy use items such as milk and lunch meat or any foods that have an expiration date on it. This will allow your frozen foods to stay frozen longer and will preserve all your other refrigerated items for longer periods of time.
If your heat is off and the temperature in your house drops near or below freezing you should turn OFF the valve that controls your main water supply. Then turn ON all your faucets to empty the standing water in the pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

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