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Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems

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Is your ice maker having problems? Check for these issues.

Refrigerator ice makers are usually our go-to source for ice cubes, unless you have a portable ice maker. Unfortunately, ice maker problems can happen. What are the most common refrigerator ice maker problems? Are you experiencing any of them with yours? Find out what it could be and call Landers Appliance if you need assistance in the Baltimore area!

Common Refrigerator Ice Maker Problems

Ice Maker Is Paused or Off

It could be as simple as the ice maker being off. If the fill bar is up, then all you should need to do is put it back down again so the machine knows to make more ice. If your fridge has specific instructions on how to turn it on and off, such as digital instructions, follow them to check what setting your ice maker is.

The Freezer Temperature Is Off

While the freezer might still be running, it is possible that it is at the wrong temperature. Check your fridge’s instructions or the recommended temperature setting on the temperature control. The freezer might be too cold or too warm, given the state of your fridge’s ice cubes.

The Ice Cubes Are Stuck Together

If too much warm air and moisture enter the freezer, the ice cubes are more likely to become stuck together. You can easily fix this issue by adding a bit of warm water to the ice tray to loosen up the ice cubes. 

The Water Filter Is Too Old

Did you know that your freezer’s ice maker has a water filter? Every six months or so, you can replace the water filter so that you get the freshest ice cubes possible every time. If your ice cubes taste funny, it might be the dirty water filter.

The Water Line Is Clogged

The water line feeds water into the refrigerator to do its job of keeping provisions cold and to create ice cubes. If the water line at the back of your refrigerator has a clog or is cracked or broken in any way, you will either need to clear the blockage or replace the water line.

The Ice Maker Is Broken

If all else looks good, it could be a mechanical issue with the ice maker itself. Check that there are no ice dams inside the machine. If a part is broken, you can call Landers Appliance to get help fixing it. 

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