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Why Do My Ice Cubes Taste Funny?

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Do your ice cubes taste weird? It could be for one of these reasons.

It’s not even the height of summer, and you are experiencing a heat wave. It’s time for some fresh ice cubes to chill your cold beverages! What’s this? “Why do my ice cubes taste funny?” you may ask yourself. You Google this question, and here, you have your possible answers. If your ice maker is giving you technical trouble, call Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD!

The Water Supply Is Off

The water supply to your refrigerator could be the culprit. If your tap water is questionable, then you might want to use filtered water instead. If it is not the tap water, it could be a dirty water line to your fridge. If you still aren’t sure, it could be one of these other reasons.

You Used Stale Water in a Portable Ice Maker

If it is a portable ice maker in question, it could be that you used stale water to make your ice cubes. If you leave water in the portable ice maker for a few months and come back to it to make ice, it won’t taste as good as you think it will.

The Tray Is Dirty

Bacteria, mold, and viruses can live on ice trays and ice makers. The presence of water makes it even easier for germs and mold to grow on surfaces. Make sure to clean your ice maker thoroughly and regularly. If your ice cubes taste funny, do not hesitate to throw out the batch and clean your ice maker and ice tray.

It’s the Tray’s Material

The tray could also be the problem. If you have a plastic, silicone, or even metal ice tray, some of its particles could leach into the ice cubes. If your ice cubes taste a little unnatural, it might be the tray the ice was made in.

The Ice Maker Is New

Similarly, if the ice tastes metallic, it could be that your ice maker is very new. This issue will usually resolve itself after a few batches of ice. 

Food Smells Are Getting Trapped

It is also possible that food smells are wafting from the freezer to your ice cubes. If you left out unsealed food in your freezer, your ice cube maker could taste the effect.

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