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Scrap Your Dishes

I would encourage everyone to scrap your dishes before putting them in your dishwashers. There are three benefits you can expect. First, the dishwasher will operate more efficiently. The water is able to be circulated properly throughout the wash arms providing a full stream of pressure, helping the cleaning process. Secondly, you will avoid the unnecessary expense of paying a company like mine to come and perform a deep cleaning. Due to the excessive build up it necessitated a serious disassembly and cleaning which was totally avoidable! Thirdly, it is unhealthy. The modern dishwasher is designed to kill many germs through the regular cleaning action. Dishwashers offer a much more sanitizing cleaning action than anything you can create doing your dishes by hand. When you allow this level of refuse to accumulate in your dishwasher you mitigate the benefits, exposing yourself to sickness and disease. Please scrap your dishes before placing them in your dishwasher. 

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