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Appliance Repair in Elkridge

Investing in appliance repair is one way to improve your Elkridge, MD home

Do you live in Elkridge, Maryland? If so, you may be interested in the services offered here at Landers Appliance. With decades of experience under our belt, we’re able to offer service, parts, and outright replacements for appliances. If you need an appliance repair or replacement, we’re certain that we can help you with what you need. Between our experience with major brands like LG or General Electric, as well as our time spent on boutique appliances, there’s no appliance repair job out there that we’re not ready to take on. If you’re located in Elkridge, Maryland and have appliance repair needs that we may be able to help with, get in contact with us today!

What We Service

When you work with Landers Appliance, you can be confident that your appliance needs will be met. We work with big-name brands and smaller names as well. Regardless of the brand, we will tackle jobs including ovens, garbage disposals, fridges, washers, dryers, and more. Some of the names we’ve worked on you may recognize include Samsung, Kitchenaid, Maytag, and Electrolux.


Keeping a fridge in good condition is of the utmost importance. If your Elkridge, Maryland home’s refrigerator is on the fritz, it can end up impacting your health and food quality. Be on the lookout for warning signs including jumps in your energy bill, strange noises, or even just your groceries going bad earlier than you expected.


When we get appliance repair calls, we often end up servicing washers. Your Elkridge, Maryland washer is important in keeping your clothes nice and clean. Once your drum stops filling up with water, or if the barrel isn’t turning, or if you hear weird noises every time you do a load, you should call a professional like Landers Appliance. We always base our repair/replace recommendations based on the physical and mechanical condition of the appliance as well as the cost to repair versus the cost to replace the unit.


Just as likely as your washer giving you some difficulty is your dryer—and drying your clothes without a dedicated machine is a pain. If you notice your clothes coming out soggy, or if any of those issues mentioned regarding washers start to manifest, let a pro know. If we can fix it, we’ll fix it, and if not, we’ll help you find a replacement


The dishwasher may be the most unsung hero of the kitchen. Without it, our dishes would pile up in the sink, and our lives would unravel into chaos. Okay—maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but your dishwasher certainly is important! Not only does it help keep dishes at bay, it also prevents germs from spreading. If your dishwasher is damaged, let us here at Landers Appliance know. 

In-Home Appliance Repair from Landers Appliance

Whether you need repairs to your refrigerator, range, or oven, Landers Appliance has the skills and resources needed to tackle any task. No project is too big or small. Our technician team is highly trained and master certified, drawing on decades of experience in the industry. We always strive to live up to our founding principles, valuing “Honest, Reasonable & Reliable” service. Customer satisfaction is a must, and we strengthen this value with our Money Back Guarantee! For more information about our appliance services, please visit our website or contact our skilled technicians!

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