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Appliance Repair in Sparks

If you’re a residents of Sparks, MD in need of appliance repair then we can handle the job, big or small

If you’re a resident of Sparks, Maryland and are looking for appliance repair services, look no further than Landers Appliance. We’ve spent over 30 years working in this community and providing high-quality service to our customers. With a huge range of in-home appliance services, from basic repairs to full replacements, we’re confident we can help solve any of your appliance issues. Even if an appliance cannot be repaired, we can work with you to find a solution. Landers Appliance is ready to service all major brands including General Electric, LG, or Sears Kenmore, so if you’re in need of appliance care, reach out to Landers Appliance today!

Who Do We Serve?

It’s our aim to work with all appliances from all brands. This may include popular name brands, Pro-Style, or even boutique appliances that you won’t see often. As far as what kinds of appliances we work with, this includes everything from cook tops, wall ovens, garbage disposals, refrigerators, washers, dryers, freezers, and beyond. The larger brand names we work with include Electrolux, Samsung, Maytag, and Kitchenaid.

Washer Repair

Washer repair services are incredibly popular. If your Sparks, Maryland home is in need of appliance repair services, the chances of it being your washer are pretty decent. If your drum isn’t filling with water or turning properly, maintenance is needed. Likewise, if you hear any irregular noises, you’re going to want to look into services. Landers Appliances will look at the problem and let you know whether or not repair is possible. We always base our repair/replace recommendations based on the physical and mechanical condition of the appliance as well as cost to repair versus cost to replace the unit.

Dryer Repair

Getting wet clothes dry without a dryer is tricky and, to put it lightly, not very fun. Dryer repairs are often obvious because your clothes will come out still-soggy. If the machine is on and not spinning, or if it’s on and makes loud and unusual noises, you may also need repair services. We’ll take a look at the machine and if it can’t be repaired, offer a variety of dryers from major brands as a replacement.

Refrigerator Repair

The refrigerator is the heart of the home, so if your appliance repair needs end up involving yours, you’re going to want it taken care of quickly. It’s important that a refrigerator is functioning so that food safety standards are met and you aren’t promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. Irregular noises, changes in your energy bills, or prematurely spoiled groceries are all indicators that an expert needs to step in.

Dishwasher Repair

When it comes to investing in an appliance repair job in your Sparks, Maryland home, the dishwasher is of high importance. It’s a matter of keeping your kitchen running smoothly and efficiently, as well as preventing harmful germs from spreading. Once signs of damage pop up, like dishes still being dirty even after a cycle, rusted machinery, or latches that feel loose, it’s time for a pro to step in.

In-Home Appliance Repair from Landers Appliance

Whether you need refrigerator repair or garbage disposal installation, Landers Appliance has the skills and resources needed to tackle any task. No project is too big or small. Our technician team is highly trained and master certified, drawing on decades of experience in the industry. We always strive to live up to our founding principles, valuing “Honest, Reasonable & Reliable” service. Customer satisfaction is a must, and we strengthen this value with our Money Back Guarantee! For more information about our appliance services, please visit our website or contact our skilled technicians!

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