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Eco-Friendly Appliance Services in Reisterstown

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Eco-friendly practices aren’t just good for the planet; they’re also beneficial for our wallets!

Whether you’re purchasing a new appliance or requesting service on a current machine, it’s essential to choose the most environmentally friendly option. Eco-friendly practices aren’t just excellent for the planet; they’re also beneficial for our wallets! If you live in Reisterstown, Maryland, you understand the importance of an efficient home. If your appliances are not working efficiently, your home can not operate comfortably. Call Landers Appliance to learn about our impeccable services, and discover how you can encourage energy efficiency in your home today!

Refrigerator Services 

Is there is an issue with your refrigerator? Call Landers Appliance today. If we can’t help you solve the problem over the phone, one of our certified technicians will visit your residence at your earliest convenience. Did you know that refrigerators are the mass-energy consumers in your household? If you aren’t ready to trade in your current model for an ENERGY STAR-labeled machine, there are other moves that you can make to reduce your daily energy intake. Set your fridge thermostat around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and dust off your condenser coils twice a year for increased efficiency. 

Freezer Services 

Has your freezer stopped working? Landers Appliance is here to help! Many of our technicians are Master Certified and prepared to take on the most challenging repairs. Did you know that Top Mount freezer units are more efficient than side-by-side units? If you keep an extra freezer, store it in a cool place, like the basement. Storing your freezer in a cool area will help to reduce the extra energy it expells for cooling. 

Washing Machine Services 

Washing machines are essential to your Reisterstown home, especially if you have a big household! Landers Appliance is qualified to service all major household brands on the market today! There are plenty of steps that homeowners can take to encourage energy efficiency without purchasing an ENERGY STAR-rated machine. For example, wait until the device is full enough to run the load. Use cold water whenever possible, and exercise your discretion when adjusting the temperature. These small steps, like filling the washing machine and using cold water, can help boost energy efficiency! 

There are a plethora of ways to transform your home into an eco-friendly space without purchasing new appliances. Talk to the professional at Landers Appliance for tips and tricks. If one of your appliances stops working, call us ASAP for an assessment! 

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