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Searching for the Best Appliance Service in Guilford, Maryland?

Appliance Service Guilford

When you need your appliances serviced in Guilford or the surrounding area, Landers Appliance has you covered!

Guilford, Maryland is one of Baltimore’s most historic and prominent neighborhoods. The Guilford Mansion was built in 1850 and set a trend for the type of architecture and homes to be built in the area. Since then, it has become an affluent community full of exquisite homes that feature beautiful designs and styles.

With every house in Guilford steeped in history and unique aesthetics, keeping your appliances serviced and running is vital to maintaining your home’s vitality and character. Landers Appliance offers great appliance service to help repair damage and keep your appliances running the way they should be.

Appliance Service Knowledge You Can Trust

Our team mission is to deliver “Honest, Reasonable and Reliable” service in every appliance service that we offer and perform in each home. You can trust us to deliver lasting service that you can trust for years to come!

If we fix an appliance and it breaks down again during our ninety day warranty period, we will come back and immediately determine the problem. If the faulty appliance has anything to do with our original repair, we can fix it up for free! If there is another problem popping up, we will treat the repair as if we found it when we came in originally and price it accordingly.

Appliance Service For All Brands & Homes!

We take pride in our appliance services being offered to fix all brands of major household appliances. This ensures that you don’t need to worry about whether we can help you or not. We service all of the popular and common brands that you will immediately recognize, as well as residential built-in appliances and other high-end boutique brands. Whether the brand is an old one or a brand new one, Landers Appliance is here to offer the best appliance service you could want for your Guilford home!

How Do You Know It’s For Appliance Service?

If any of your Guilford appliances seem faulty, damaged, or are not working like they should be, it might be time to give us a call now! As soon as you spot the early signs of damage, it is time to take the steps towards appliance repair. We believe it is important to get ahead of the problem to avoid any inconvenience to your life at home. Our team of experts will help survey the problem and make the process as stress-free for you and your family as possible.

Ready For An Upgrade?

At Landers Appliance, we sell semi-pro and smart appliances to make life easier and give your house an upgrade while still retaining its unique history and character. Appliances are an aspect of the home that do not age well through years and years of usage. After we help you with repair services, it may be time to eventually opt for replacement. We specialize in pairing amazing customer service with the best appliance match to ensure that you walk away fully satisfied!

Are Your Guilford Appliances in Need of Service? Contact Landers Appliance Today to Find Out! We can be reached online or at (410) 682-3232.

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