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Washing Machine Repair Services in Aberdeen, MD

Washing Machine Repair Services in Aberdeen, MD

Have you been on the hunt for washing machine repair services?

Have you been on the hunt for washing machine repair services? Many appliance repair companies exist. Therefore, it can be challenging to narrow down your best option. However, Landers Appliance is here to put your search to a halt. Our team provides the best washing machine repair services for Aberdeen and Harford County residents. Here is a look at why Landers Appliance’s washing machine services stand out above the rest. 

Our Goal is to Get to You as Soon as Possible

If you’ve been in your home for a decade or more, you’re probably no stranger to the appliances in your home malfunctioning. After all, devices, on average, start losing their value after the ten-year mark. With that in mind, you’re probably also familiar with the experience of it taking weeks for a technician to come to your home. If you call Landers Appliance early in the morning on a weekday with your model number ready and a clear description of what’s wrong with your washing machine, we’ll dispatch a Master-Certified technician as soon as we can. 

It’s undeniably convenient to have a washing machine at home. When you have to utilize a laundromat or share a communal laundry area with others, it’s not the most pleasant experience. Therefore, our goal is to get your washing machine running again quickly. If your washer is no longer salvageable, our team won’t leave you to fend for yourself. We offer washing machine replacement services as well. 

Our Washing Machine Repair Services are Credible 

Landers Appliance has been in business for almost forty years and is the only certified service center in Maryland. We’ve received numerous awards and accolades. In addition, our customers leave many positive reviews at least every quarter because they appreciate our responsiveness, how friendly our team is, and the quality of the services we provide. 

You’ll Learn a Few Things!

When you hire Landers Appliance, it’s a learning experience. One, you’ll learn that there are still kind people in the world and that old-fashioned customer service still exists! Our technicians are friendly, welcoming, and you can look forward to the same technician coming back to your home if you ever require another service. Two, our technicians offer the best and most valuable technical advice. You can look forward to one of our Master-Certified technicians diagnosing your washing machine malfunctions quickly. However, they will teach you a few things about your washer and dryer. They understand the nuances of different models and brands and genuinely love the work that they do. 

Washer and Dryer Maintenance Tips

  1. Depend on a professional to install your machines
  2. Ensure that your laundry loads are full but not overloaded.
  3. Empty your pockets before doing laundry
  4. Clean the dryer lint trap (Yes, you should remove lint after every load. However, by “clean,” we also mean that you can soak the dryer lint trap in a cleaning solution. ) 
  5. Remove clothes from the washing machine when the cycle ends. 
  6. Refrain from using too many dryer sheets. 
  7. Pay attention to what garments you put in the dryer and how much detergent you use. 

Contact Landers Appliance Today!

We really care about our customers! Everyone at Landers Appliance is committed to providing you with Honest, Reasonable, and Reliable service in everything we do! We train our team to strive for excellence, performing to the highest professional standards. And if we ever fail to deliver on these promises, we’ll apologize and do our best to make it right.

We service the entire Greater Baltimore Area, including Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Harford, and Howard Counties as well as Baltimore City. Call our office before 12:00 pm weekdays at 410-682-3232, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. “We’ll go out of our way to provide you with the best service you’ve ever received.”

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