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Spring Cleaning List: The Laundry & Kitchen

Spring Cleaning List: The Laundry & Kitchen

Need a spring cleaning list for your kitchen and laundry? You’ve found it.

Spring is here! Do you have a spring cleaning routine? Spring is when all things become new, and people are more inclined to get outdoors and air out their homes. It’s a great time to deep-clean any of your rooms, including the kitchen and laundry room! If you need a handy to-do list, this can be your spring cleaning list for the laundry and kitchen. Do you need a new kitchen or laundry appliance or repairs? Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD, can be of service!

Spring Cleaning List for the Laundry


The washing machine can become scummy over time. You can add oxygen bleach or borax along with an equal amount of washing soda into the drum directly. Run a normal cycle with hot water. After the cycle ends, run another cycle using hot water with white vinegar. Wipe the inside of the drum when complete. 


For the dryer, you will want to clean the lint screen with liquid detergent in hot water. Use a nylon brush to gently scrub off any grime.

For the dryer interior, vacuum any remaining lint and wipe it with a gentle, soapy mixture and washcloth. Use a non-flammable detergent if you have a gas-powered dryer.


Finally, now is a great time to reevaluate your laundry storage. Organize as needed, getting rid of excess and arranging items neatly. Deep clean the laundry area floor for the cleanest laundry room result.

Spring Cleaning List for the Kitchen

Range (Stovetop & Oven)

A baking soda paste (baking soda and water) can get rid of many stains on stovetops and inside ovens. You might have to repeat the process multiple times to completely remove the stain. Otherwise, a commercial oven cleaner works great for removing blackened grime.


Empty your refrigerator and wash each shelf in the sink with hot, soapy water and a gentle scrubbing tool. Dry and replace. Get rid of all ancient or spoiled food. Add a baking soda packet to refresh the fridge.

Fridge Ice Maker

If your fridge has an ice maker, you may want to clean it by disconnecting it from the water supply and funneling a white vinegar and water solution into it. Let the ice maker make a couple of batches until the vinegar water is gone.


Natural ingredients like white vinegar and lemon juice are great tools for sanitizing appliances, including the dishwasher. Run a hot water cycle with a bowl of white vinegar, lemon juice, or both, and let the magic happen.

Countertop Appliances

You can also count in countertop appliances like microwave ovens, toaster ovens, coffee makers, etc., in your spring cleaning checklist for the laundry and kitchen. Did you know you should replace your microwave oven’s filter every six months?


It’s easy for kitchen cabinets to become cluttered. If yours are, now is a great time to get them sorted. Try adding uniform containers to help keep things orderly.

Other Surfaces

Of course, don’t forget to sanitize your floor and countertops. You could even wash your dishes, silverware, pots, and pans. Now your spring cleaning checklist is through!

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