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Top Causes of a Leaking Refrigerator

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If your fridge is leaking, it could be one of multiple causes.

A leaking refrigerator is problematic, let alone messy. It could leave your fridge swamped, your freezer an iceberg, and your floor a slip-n-slide. Cleaning the water up is simple enough. Even if you are not refrigerator-savvy, you can be when you understand the common causes of a leaking refrigerator and the know-how to fix the problem. If you need parts or a repairman’s assistance in the Baltimore, MD, area, just call Landers Appliance! 

Before You Begin

If you are troubleshooting your leaking refrigerator, turn off its power and unplug it and possibly disconnect the waterline before you begin. Keep your frozen and refrigerated goods in coolers or another refrigerated space while you fix the appliance.

Clogged Drain

A clogged fridge defrost drain is one of the most common causes of a leaking refrigerator. The defrost drain is one component that helps keep the fridge from freezing. You may find water leaking from the freezer into your refrigerator. A drain at the bottom back of your freezer behind a panel leads to the drip pan at the bottom back of the fridge. You can use hot water, pressurized air, and a pipe cleaner to flush out any debris or ice within this pipeline.

Clogged Waterline

You might also be seeing a blocked waterline, the pipe that brings water for drinking and ice to your refrigerator. If it is blocked, you might see water pooling around the refrigerator’s base in a worst case scenario. Unscrew the panel covering the water line and test the water dispenser. If the water line is frozen, you can unplug the fridge or thaw the water line to make it good as new. If it is damaged, Landers Appliance can supply you with the part and any help you need with replacement.

Leaky Gasket

A leaky gasket can cause the refrigerator to leak water from its freezer or fridge door. To know if it’s a leaky gasket, you can test it by letting it hold a dollar bill when closed. If the bill slides, the gasket is loose. A cheap way to keep your gaskets sealed is to apply vaseline or silicone grease to it; another way is to replace the gasket.

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