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What to Do If Your Fridge Leaks

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Is your fridge leaking water? Here’s what to do.

Is your refrigerator dripping water or starting to flood your kitchen? Don’t panic; here’s what to do if your fridge leaks.

Diagnose and Stay Calm

The first step is to diagnose the problem, and that means investigating the fridge for the cause of the leak. Although it may be troubling to have a puddle in your kitchen, there is usually an easy fix for your leaky fridge. When determining the cause of the problem, look to see if it is any of these top contenders.

Reasons Your Fridge Might Be Leaking

Something Spilled in the Fridge

First, open the door to your fridge and freezer to see if something spilled. Yes, although it might seem like it is the refrigerator’s issue, it might just be a juice bottle that got knocked over and wasn’t closed or a plastic container that started leaking.

The Door Is Leaky

Another possibility is that moisture is dripping from the fridge or freezer because the door is not sealing completely. Check for stuck-on crumbs. If the gasket, the rubber that seals the door, is dirty, wipe it down thoroughly with soapy water. If you notice a gap, you will need to order a new gasket from the manufacturer. Landers Appliance in Baltimore, MD, can also assist and install it for you, too.

Fridge Is Uneven

If your refrigerator is not level, it could cause it to build up and leak condensation, especially if it is leaning forward. With some leveling tools, it is possible to get your fridge to be upright even if the floor is uneven.

The Defrost Drain Is Clogged

The defrost drain allows condensation to drain out of your fridge. It usually sits at the bottom or back of your appliance, depending on the model. Use the manufacturer’s manual to locate yours. It could be that food clogged it, and it iced over, preventing condensation from draining.

The Water Line Is Clogged

Lastly, it could be the water supply line, located at the back of the fridge or behind the kitchen sink. Unplug the fridge and check the water line for damage and blockages. Call Landers Appliance if your fridge needs repairing; if there’s a blockage, it is likely ice and just needs to thaw.

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