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What to Do If Your Oven Catches Fire

What to Do If Your Oven Catches Fire

Keep calm and prevent oven fires! Here’s how to put out and prevent one.

If your oven is on fire this instant, don’t panic. Just follow the instructions below. If you are looking to prevent an oven fire or just curious about what to do if your oven catches fire, you have the answers right here. Here’s exactly what to do in case of an oven or stovetop fire. If you have any other kitchen or laundry appliance questions or needs in Maryland, Landers Appliance can help!

DON’T Open the Oven Door

Yes, you read that right. Do not open the oven door if you see a fire raging on the inside of it. Unfortunately, your souffle or roast or cookies will have to wait out the fire inside the oven. The more oxygen you give the flames, the more it will thrive. Keeping the oven door closed limits the flames and allows it to eventually die out.

Turn Off the Oven and Wait

What you can do to extinguish the fire is to remove the heat source. Turn off the oven and let it cool down as much as possible when a fire is inside it. With no more power and limited oxygen, the fire will eventually dwindle. 

Wait until the fire completely dies out. Only after the fire is gone should you open the nearest window or two to let the smoke out of the house. Again, keeping the windows shut limits the amount of oxygen that can sweep into the oven and fan the flames. Your kitchen might be smoky, but it will put out the flames faster.

If a Stove Fire Breaks Out…

Use a Cover, Baking Soda, or Fire Extinguisher

If the fire is inside your oven, all you have to do is to turn off the power and wait it out. If the fire is on your stove, there are a few things you can do to extinguish it. One is to clamp a pot or pan cover over it to snuff it out. Another is to smother it in a generous amount of baking soda. Lastly, you can use a Class A fire extinguisher, a handy tool to have in your kitchen at all times.

How to Prevent Oven Fires

The best way to prevent oven fires is to keep the oven clean and keep your dish from overflowing. If there is a risk of overflowing or splattering, cover the dish or place a pan under it to catch any spillage. Always supervise your oven while it is operating, and avoid wearing draping clothes while cooking.

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