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All the Types of Dryers

All the Types of Dryers

Need a new clothes dryer? Don’t miss out on any of the potential options.

You might be thinking about buying a new clothes dryer; the other one is too old, not sufficient, or is less worth than the repairs. Believe it or not, more types of dryers are out there than you might have realized. You have seen perhaps all or almost all of them before, but never have you seen them listed out like this. These are all the types of dryers from which you can choose.

By Power

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers use both natural gas and electricity. It uses natural gas to heat the air inside the barrel, drying the clothes, and electricity to power the machine. These systems may need a vent to channel the hot, moist air outside the house, aside from a natural gas connection.

Electric Dryers

Electric dryers only need electricity to run them. They cost less upfront but may cost more to use long-term because of the sole reliance on electricity. This kind may or may not need a venting system.

Steam Dryers

Steam dryers can be gas or electric-powered. The difference is that instead of using dry hot air to extract moisture from clothes, they can use moist hot air to decrease wrinkling clothes. This is just an option, and can use dry hot air too.

By Style

Top-Loading Dryers

Top-loading dryers are less common today but pair well with your top-loading washing machine. They are also cheaper than front-loading machines. Landers Appliance can help you find just the right one.

Front-Loading Dryers

Front-loading dryers have a higher price tag and come in finer finishes and more features; they can pair excellently with your current or a matching washing machine and potentially stack on top of it.

Stackable Dryers

Top-loaders are side-by-side models, but front-loading ones can be stacked either by design or with an appropriate platform. You’ll also find stacked laundry centers, which have inseparable tiered components.

Ventless Dryers

Ventless dryers are great for many apartment buildings. They come in two types: heat pump and condenser. Heat pump dryers use refrigerant and condenser coils to cycle air through the machine. Condenser dryers use a heating element and a condenser to bring hot air in and take moist air out by condensing the water into a tank.

Washer-Dryer Combo

Washer-dryer combo machines are ventless and purely electric, perfect for any small space. They take longer to complete the drying process, but they still function just as well.

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