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Cleaning Shoes in the Washing Machine

Cleaning Shoes in the Washing Machine

How do you wash shoes in the washing machine? You can have clean shoes with these steps.

After a while, shoes get dirty. You don’t have to live with filthy shoes! They can clean and look like new with a simple cleaning. The way you clean your shoes depends on the type of shoes you have, but some can be laundered in the washing machine. If yours apply, here are the simple steps for cleaning shoes in the washing machine.

Are Your Shoes Machine Washable?

The first step is to check your shoes for their washing and care instructions. Your shoes may dictate whether or not they are machine washable. Specialized materials like suede, leather, and silk should not go in the washing machine, and neither should fabrics with sequins, beads, embroidering, and other delicate ornamentations. However, shoes made with canvas, polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., you can safely put your shoes in the wash.

Preparing Your Shoes for Washing

The way to prepare your shoes for washing in the laundry machine is actually to wash them by hand. Handwashing will not remove all the dirt from your shoes, but will remove excess dirt that doesn’t have to go into the washer. 

If your shoes have laces, remove them and place them in a mesh laundry bag to keep them from tangling in the drum. Next, if you can remove the insoles, check to see if they are machine washable and wash by hand if they are not. If they are, you can wash them by hand and return them in the shoes. You can also brush and wipe off excess dirt from the soles of the shoes. 

Cleaning Your Shoes in the Washing Machine

Place the shoes in a mesh laundry bag to keep them from bouncing around the drum. It also helps to throw in some old towels for washing to give extra padding and add bulk to the load. Don’t forget to add your shoelaces into the wash!  

The best settings for your shoes are the delicate cycle with cold water. You don’t want your shoes to bump around the washer too harshly, and you don’t want to risk shrinking any fabric part of the shoes either.

Drying Your Shoes

After the wash cycle is complete, you can finish off with drying your shoes in a cool, well-ventilated place. If you can air dry your shoes in the sunlight, that’s even better! 

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